Rhigos Bannerettes Jazz Band

This is a group shot of the revived Rhigos Bannerettes Jazz Band. After Roger Eastlake, Ian Smith and Carole Llewellyn
restarted the band that had been such a huge success under Mostyn and Rita Moses.
They played at a Rhigos rugby Fete and Gala in the rain before they had acquired thier uniforms.
(photo contributed by Clive Harris)

Its good to see old traditions still survive

One of the first Jazz bands up the Bryn below

 Members of the Jazz Band 
Back row: Stephen Hammonds,---?--- ,George Edmunds, Peter Wilson, Leonard Miles, Robert Rees
Front row: Janet Wright, Anne Pearce, Rosemary Miles, Joan Edmunds, David Hammonds
If anyone can add the name of the unknown, or tell us where the fete was held, please let us know.
This marching band, a bazooka jazz band, was formed for a celebration of the coronation in 1953. We had just moved to the Bryn shortly before this time and the picture was taken at the top of Heol Gwrangfryn. You can see a workmens hut top left and a ditch to the left of the group suggesting that some building work was still going on. The house in the background is number 19 where David Betty and his family lived, and the windows have been decorated with triangular red, white and blue flags for the occasion. David remembers helping his father put these up.


This old jazz band photo as you can see was taken down Heol y Bryn unknown date

Here are some photos of Rhigos carnival queen taking part in Aberdare carnival 2009.


(Contributed by Aberdareonline)


Rhigos 2008

A very brave chap this "unknown", carnival Queen rejects  well done
(photo contributed by Arwyn Harris)

Some marching bands in the Rhigos carnival, outside the rugby club. 

(photos contributed by Arwyn Harris)


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