John Charles the ex Wales footballer visits Rhigos. Ken arranged this visit to celebrate Allan Woodward's 60th birthday in 1998.
Left picture :- Harold Williams, Ken Grindle, Rob Jones, John Charles, Simon Grindle.
Right picture :-  Harold Williams, Rob Jones, Maureen Grindle, John Charles, Simon Grindle.

Reunion at the New Inn June 6th 2010.
Left to right :- Sue Wilson, Jun
e Pendry, Anne Lovett, Barbara Hammonds, Pat Pendry, Miss Ettie Smith (Teacher), Mrs Ann Jones (nee Jenkins) (Teacher)
 event and reunion

                                                                                            the day as told  by PeterWILSON (click to read)

Left to right :- Barbara Hammonds, David Hammonds, Peter Wilson, Phillip Pendry.

Left to right :- Miss Ettie Smith, Ann Jones (nee Jenkins), Carol Rees (Wife to Robert Rees), Mary Rees (Robert's sister) behind Carol.

Left to right :- Ann Lovett, and Miss Ettie Smith.

Miss Ettie Smith and Mary Rees.
(Contributed by Mary Rees.)

Left to right :- Miss Ettie Smith, Brian Morris, Annette Morris (nee Dawes), Angela Hammonds.

Left to right :- Peter Wilson, Alwyn Martin, Phillip Pendry.

Left to right :- Sue Wilson, June Pendry, Pat Pendry, Ann Lovett, Barbara Hammonds, David Hammonds.

Left to right :- David Hammonds, Francis Burke, Peter Wilson.

Left to right :- Miss Ettie S,mith, Brian Morris, Annette Morris (nee Dawes).

This mottley crew met up today on a whim at the New Inn Rhigos.(April 15th 2010)
Robert instigated the meet as he was having a training run over the Rhigos mountain
on his bike, in readiness for 7th Verenti Dragon Ride Wales 2010. Robert and some mates
are representing rhigosmemories cycling club, and we needed to check out the food in
the New Inn (first class by the way) as we are providing moral support.
In the photo left to right
Robert (our hero) Peter (scribe/author) Babs (research) Alwyn (technical) Dai (photos)
Behind the camera Mary (our carer) ha ha

(contributed by Dai Hammonds)   

A Rhigos ladies reunion in the New Inn 2003.

Left to Right :- Joy Cairncross, Christine Cairncross, June Cairncross, Barbara Hammonds, Pat Hammonds, Joyce Riden, Pat Millard, Pat Pendry, Beryl Wright.

(Contributed by Barbara)

Another reunion in the New Inn.

Donnas (from Canada), Barbara Hammonds, Marion Aveyard (nee Smith), Ken Smith.

(Contributed by Barbara)


Left picture :- Keith Riden and his sister Joan Riden at Ken Smith’s reunion in Glynneath.

(Contributed by Joyce Riden)

Right picture :- Les Millard and Glan Rowley at Ken Smith’s reunion in Glynneath.

(Contributed by Joyce Riden)

Ken Smith’s party at Glynneath rugby club.

Left to right back row :- David Morris, Glan Rowley, Les Millard, Jack Honeybone, Keith Riden.

Left to right front row :- Ken Grindle, Tommy Robinson, Elfed Thomas, Ken Smith.

(Contributed by Joyce Riden)

Reunion with Ken Grindle.

Joan Riden, Keith Riden, Maureen Grindle, Ken Grindle, Joyce Riden.

(Contributed by Joyce Riden)


Left picture :- Celebrating the “Millenium”. Rita Philips (nee Rees) on the right.

Right picture :- Rita Philips and friends. Rita is at the back.

(Contributed by Rita Philips (nee Rees))

Party Time 1970.

Left to right :- Mr & Mrs Edmunds, Mr & Mrs Hammonds, Joan Edmunds, unknown.

(Contributed by Barbara)

Party Girls.

Left to right :- Alison Hammonds, Helen Ivanovic, Christine Holt, Angela Hammonds, 2006

(Contributed by Angela Hammonds)

Brian Riden on a visit from his home in Canada, with Mrs Lucy Millard and son Les.
Left to right :- Brian Riden, Mrs Lucy Millard, Les Millard.
(Contributed by Joyce Riden)

                     Another photo of the Ken Smith reunion in Glynneath.
                 Left to right :- Glan Rowley, Les Millard, Jack Honeybone, Ken Smith.
           (Contributed by Joyce Riden)

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