A Book written by a Beacon Road resident

This is a picture of the front cover of an autobiography written by Wil Jon Edwards who lived with his family in Beacon Road, listed at number 64 (next to the Wilson's) in 1947 and at number 40 (next to the Millard's) in 1951.

Pat Millard writes: "After the war Mr. and Mrs. Stevens left and Wil Jon Edwards, partner and son David moved in (to the bungalow attached to theirs). Wil Jon Edwards wrote the book 'From the Valley I Came' and was a great socialist. He had been educated at Oxford or Cambridge by the Labour Party with a view to him being the next M.P. for the Valley. I have never heard a bad comment about Mrs. Edwards (as I knew her) and to me she was the ultimate lady."

Thanks to Doris Wilson for preserving the book for all these years, and to her son Peter for scanning it and sending the picture to us.

An extract from the book was used in one of the Welsh Joint Education Committee GCE A-level History exam papers in 2008. We've put a copy of pages 6 and 7 of the exam paper below so that you can see what the students had to do with it.
Thanks to David Hammonds for finding the exam paper reference.