This is a collection of photos from Anne Davies (nee John )

Anne moved to 49, Beacon road in 1949 when her father Geoff John worked in the Furguson factory

and then later in Sobells. They then moved to Cwmbach in 1953 about the same time as we were all

being moved out of the bungalows to different parts. Anne is still in touch with some of her friends

from her early years in Beacon Road.


This photo shows David Betty and Anne John as Jack and Jill in fancy dress outside the Hostel.

The occasion was the Coronation in 1953. They won first prize.


David and Anne

Anne on her trike outside 49, Beacon Road about 1949

Anne and one of the Wheeler twins

Peter Lovett and Anne in her back garden

Anne and David Betty stunt team

Anneís birthday party 1953

Left to right - Helen Lewis, Ann Lovett, Gillian Barnet, Anne John, Cynthia Morgan, Janice or June Wheeler

Back row- David Betty, David Edwards

Anne in her front garden she thinks itís Mr Weaverís car in the background

Itís definitely a Ford Popular

These two lads seem apprehensive (Peter Wilson and Colin Rees)

I can see why the local Maffia have moved in on them

Geoff John , Colin Rees, Jack Rees and Peter Wilson?


Left to right-Vera John, Jack Rees, Joan Rees -----?-----


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