Beacon Road had a good community atmosphere during its short life. These are some photographs of parties that took place in that community.

Above are 2 interesting items sent in by Colin Rees. They are 63 year old birthday invitations, Colin said that he was surprised that such invitations were available in 1947 when many essentials were still rationed. The invitation to John Howard Evans party was printed proffesionally, the scan does not show that the ink used was silver coloured. The other invitation is to David Betty's party as we know that the Betty family lived at 57 Beacon Road in 1947. The 4 photos below were taken at David Betty's party.


People known on these photos are, Mrs Lovett, Mrs Rees, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Betty
Children were Pat Lovett, Colin Rees, Helen Lewis, David Betty.

(Contributed by Colin Rees)

Back row left to right :- Michael Roach, Mary Rees, Betsy Roach, Sheila Roach (Twins), Robert Rees, Tommy Vesely, Joyce Riden.
Front row left to right :- Kenny Allen, ?, Eric Riden,  ?, Clive Richards, Peter Wilson.
(Contributed by Robert Rees) 


Street party 1951
This was taken near the West end of Beacon Road, probably outside the Lovett's house
(Contributed by Barbara)


Festival of Britain 1951
This was taken at the East end of Beacon Road
(Contributed by Philip Pendry)

Street party 1951
(Contributed by Barbara)

A birthday party 1950
Stephen Hammonds, Hugh Lovett, Janice Wheeler, June Wheeler, Barbara Hammonds, Pat Hammonds, Ann Hammonds
Ann Lovett, Peter Lovett, Pat Lovett, ????, David Hammonds, Clive Adkins.

(Contributed by David Hammonds)


Sylvia Shore’s birthday party at Beacon Road
Back Row, Left to Right :- Margaret Hurley, Bronwyn Brown, Marion Davies, Marlene Churchill
Middle Row :- Marion Smith, Sylvia Shore, Joyce Riden
Front Row :- Carol Davies.

We believe this photo was taken in the back garden of 81, Beacon Road on the occasion of Sylvia Shore’s birthday party around 8th July 1948
On the left can be seen the backs of other bungalows on Beacon Road, and on the right in the distance can be seen Neath Road bungalows.

The Roach's birthday party
in the back garden of the Roach's house on Beacon Road
Back row:- Joyce Riden, Michael Roach, Carol Davies, Mavis Horner
Third row:- Betsy Roach, Tommy Vesely
Second row:- Helen Lewis, Kenny Allen, Sheila Roach, Lindsey Jones, Ian Horner, Colin Rees, Eric Riden
Front row:- David Betty, Susan Jones, Theresa Roach, Gaynor Evans

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