Photographs of Beacon Road People. (1)

This old photo was taken outside the Hostels. its a bit grainey but Barbara thinks she can name some
of the girls. It also shows that lookout pill-box that is on Wayne's photo we think.

The left side photo is from Wayne Stephens of himself in 1943, the Stephens lived at number 40 Beacon Road
 He comments it's a terrible photo and probably not one you would want to include on the website.
However it does show the pill-box, complete with aerial
which used to stand on a hill a little to the left of the main entrance to the Trading Estate.
The  photo on the right side is of Robert and Mary Rees outside 32 Beacon Road.
(Contributed by Mary Rees.)


The two photos below were sent to us by Colin Rees. They were taken in the back garden of 58, Beacon Road,
looking towards the industrial estate.
In the backgroundd of the 1947 photo with just Colin in it is a building with two big chimneys which we think may have been the Glassworks.
We recall there being a fire at the works about 1950-51. Does anyone have memories of the Glassworks or the fire?. 

The left hand photo is of Colin Rees wrapped up in his warm clothes in his back garden at 58, Beacon Road it was taken in 1947
The right hand photo is also in Colin's back garden. It is of Colin and Peter Wilson drying off after being hosed down by Colin's mum in 1949.
(Contributed by Colin Rees)



Left photo :- Mr Stanley Rees and Mary at 32, Beacon Road. (contributed by Mary Rees)
Centre photo :- Mrs Lucy Millard and Pat at 42, Beacon Road. (contributed by Pat Millard)
Right photo :- Robert and Mary Rees. (contributed by Mary Rees)


Left photo :- Colin Rees and friends. (contributed by Colin Rees)
Right photo :- Eric Riden and Colin Rees 1950. (contributed by Joyce Riden)


These two photos were taken on the trading estate behind Beacon Road.
Left photo :- Stephen Hammonds, Barbara Hammonds, Anne Hammonds, David Hammonds. (contributed by Barbara)
Right photo :- David Hammonds, Lindsey Jones, Stephen Hammonds. (contributed by Barbara)

Another photo taken on the trading estate behind Beacon Road.
Susan Jones and Anne Hammonds. (contributed by David Hammonds)

Helen Lewis, Peter Lovett, Pat Lovett, Colin Rees. (contributed by Colin Rees)


Left photo :- Rosalind Barden.
Right photo :- Rosalind Barden, Mr and Mrs Bowen in the back garden of 63, Beacon Road.
In the background can be seen the area where Neath Road bungalows were.
(contributed by Rosalind Barden)


Left photo :- Sylvia Shore. Right photo :- Sylvia Shore aged 14.
Both photos taken in the back garden of 81, Beacon Road. In the background of the right photo can be seen Cynlas Farm.
(contributed by Sylvia Shore)


Left photo :- Joan Riden in the garden of 75, Beacon Road.
Right photo :- Arfon Reynolds, Joan Riden, Viv Thomas, Joy Phillips, Eric Baker.
(contributed by Joyce Riden)

Beacon Road 1947 - 48.
Les Millard, Brian Riden, Keith Riden.

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