Bill Stratton now living out in Australia has sent us some old Rhigos photos of his Grand Parents in Rhigos,
 From left to right, Sidney Lee, Jess Lee, Elizabeth Phipps and Will Phipps.
They lived at 13 Beacon Road. Sid lee was my great uncle and was a motor mechaic for Langes when they built Penwaun housing estate,
and he lodged with my grand parents at Beacon Road, he was my grand mothers brother.
On the census for Beacon Road my great uncle is down as an occupant of 13 Beacon Road along with my grand parents

The second picture is of my grandparents Golden Wedding Aniversary,
they were still in rhigos at the time in 1 Halt Road, some people may remember them.
(contributed by Bill Stratton)

Three boys photographed from the front garden of Neath Road bungalow where Hugh Mills lived.
You can see Lewis’s shop on Beacon Road in the background.
Left to right :- John Thomas, Ken Smith, Don Thomas.

(contributed by Don Thomas)


Left photo :- Jean McCauliffe, Mrs McCauliffe, Mr McCauliffe, Mrs Rees, Colin Rees.

Right photo :- :- Jean McCauliffe, Mrs McCauliffe, Mr Rees, Mrs Rees, Colin Rees.

(contributed by Colin Rees)


Left photo :- Mr Pendry at 34, Beacon Road. (contributed by Philip Pendry)

Right photo :- (back) Joan Riden, Brian Riden. (middle) Joyce Riden, Keith Riden. (front) Eric Riden at 75, Beacon Road.

(contributed by Joyce Riden)


The left picture of Ted Shore was taken in Essex around 1951. He invented a way of finishing or making bullets faster than the way in use at that time. By using this method he “Broke the bank” at the factory as he produced more than they could pay him for. He sold his device to the M.O.D. Sylvia his daughter also tells us that he made moulds for making a bird table and it is shown in the photo of Sylvia posing at the back of 81, Beacon Road. He also made the swing featured in two of the photos of Sylvia. The family left Wales in 1951 but returned to Beacon Road bungalow on various visits until relinquishing the tenancy.

The centre picture is of Alice Shore mother of Sylvia

The right picture is of Sylvia Shore in the back garden of 81, Beacon Road.

(contributed by Sylvia Shore)

Rosalind Barden, Brenda Hiscox, Moira Hiscox, in the back garden of 63, Beacon Road, looking towards Neath Road.

(contributed by Rosalind Barden)


Left photo :- Pat Millard, June Cairncross. (Contributed by Pat Millard)

Right photo :- Eric Riden in the back garden of 75, Beacon Road. (Contributed by Joyce Riden)

Above photo :- Ken Allen and Colin Rees taken between the walls of the air raid shelter and the porch of 58, Beacon Road.

(Contributed by Colin Rees)

Some Beacon Road and Rhigos girls.

Back row from the left :- Rhianon Thomas, Shirley Howells, unknown, unknown, Anne Hammonds.

Front row from the left :- unknown, Judith Roberts, unknown, unknown, unknown, Shirley Mort, unknown,

(Contributed by Anne Hammonds)

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