Neath Road
Sketch and photos contriubuted by Colin Richards

Residents of Neath Road bungalows in 1951
No 1 -  Aneurin and Margaret Davies and Thomas and Margaret Williams.
No 2 -  Michael and Hanura Brarrago.
No 3 - Arthur and Megan Farmer.
No 4 - Charles and Alice Brown.
No 5 - Sam and Noreen Mills.
No 6 - Reuben and Anita Smith.
No 7 - Fred and Naomi Hamer.

A great sketch of the Neath Road bungalows well remembered from Colin Richards

We have turned this old map upside down just to show how accurate Colin has remembered the buildings

Hugh Mill from no 5 has sent us these two photos below.


Left side photo is Mrs Betty Richards in the front of no.7, with the railings to the steps behind,also Beacon road still standing beyond.
Right photo showing my brother Clive by the front porch of no.7.

  My mother Betty Richards, with the slag heap and washery in the background.

One showing myself in front of no.7 with the shelters and foundations behind.

One showing Christine Lloyd and myself in the rear of no.6.

Steps up to Neath Road in 2004

A crop of a larger photo that shows the bungalows in the background.

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