Dinners and Dances.
The following photos are of Rhigos people attending various functions, venues unknown, some we think may be the Hostel.

Mrs Joan Rees and an unknown partner at a dance at the Hostel.
Colin Rees who sent this photo thinks the gentleman may be Bert Lewis.
Can anyone confirm this.?

A Friday night dance at the "Engineers Club" Hirwaun
Left to right :- Peter Wilson, ---?---, Ken Grindle, ---?---, ---?---, ---?---, Clive Richards.
(contributed by Ken Grindle)


Mr and Mrs Kenneth Davies and Mr and Mrs Stanley Rees attending a dinner.
(Contributed by Mary Rees)

Another function attended by Mr and Mrs Kenneth Davies and Mr and Mrs Stanley Rees.
(Contributed by Mary Rees)

Party at the Hostel
Mrs Joan Rees, Mrs Doris Rees, Mr Stanley Rees, Mr Jack Rees.
(Contributed by Mary Rees)

L to R :- Anne Hammonds, Beryl Wright, Pat Hammonds, unknown.
(Contributed by Anne Hammonds)

L to R :- Mr Edmunds, Mrs Edmunds, Mrs Hammonds, Mr Hammonds, Mr Weaver, Mrs Weaver.
(Contributed by Barbara Hammonds)

Possibly at S.W. Alum Co dance around 1954 - 55. This is where Brian Riden and John Shaw worked.
Left to right :- Brian Riden, Pat Burke,
?, John Shaw, ?, ?.
(Contributed by Joyce Riden)

Rhigos young ladies at a dance in Aberaman.
Left to right :- Pat Hammonds, Mair Walters, ?, ?, Eira Thomas, ?.
(Contributed by Pat Hammonds) 

Photo taken 1966, Event not known.
Left to right :- Morris Roscoe, Harold Allen, Kenneth Davies, Elsie Davies, Ann Roscoe, Ethel Allen, Brenda Jones, Chris Allen.
(Contributed by Anne Roscoe).

Hostels party
From left to right in the photo are.---?---,---?---,Mr Mcauliffe,Mrs Mcauliffe,---?---,---?---,Mrs Wilson,Mr Wilson,Mr Morgan,Mrs Morgan.
(contributed by Peter Wilson)

Left to right :- ?, George Edmunds, Mr Edmunds, Mrs Hammonds, Mrs Edmunds, Mrs Edmunds (Wife to George), ? Mr Hammonds.
(Contributed by Barbara)

We believe this was taken in "Park Hall", Glynneath about 1957-58.
Left to Right :- Bill Sprosson, Pat Hammonds, Dewi Pritchard, Beryl Wright.
(Contributed by Pat Hammonds)

Rhigos Memories