Hostel Sports Activities.

There were lots of activities going on at the Hostel for the young people of Rhigos over the years.
Here are a few photographs of some of the activities which involved the young boys.

A Judo class at the Hostel 1960.
Instructor Des Lynch.
Front row of students left to right :- Clive Richards, John Price, Ken Grindle, Brian Jones.
Back row :- Keith Rees, Alan Rees.
(Photo contributed by Ken Grindle)

Dilwyn Nicholas.
(Contributed by Ken Grindle)

Eric Riden, Keith Riden, Ken Grindle
Peter Wilson.


Eric Riden, Dilwyn Nicholas, Ken Grindle,
Peter Wilson.
(Above two photos contributed by Joyce Riden)


Boys known to us on this photograph are, Brian Riden, John Thomas, Malcolm Blayney.


More boys outside the Hostel.
Do you recognise them? Let us know.



This group of men and boys appear to be a football team.
If anyone knows about them please let us know.

Back row :- Unknown, Mr Astrand, Mr Tindall.
Middle row :- Brian Riden, Les Millard, Ken Smith, Michael Roach, Glanville Rowley.
Front row :- Brian Astrand, Lance Davies, Ieuian Davies, Keith Riden, David Tindall.


Youth Club outing from The Hostel.
Left to right :- Bryn Tunny, Morton Evans, Ronald Cooper, ?, Colwen Edwards, Tyrone Thorburn, The Driver.
(Contributed by Marion Smith).

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