June Cairncross, Carol Mainwaring, Pat Millard, Joy Cairncross, Maureen Whittle, Valmai ?, ?.

Joy’s Juveniles was a tap dancing troupe started by Mrs Joyce Pitt who lived on Beacon Road. We used to have a weekly lesson in the Groesffordd, but later the classes moved to the church hall in Hirwaun and then to the Memorial hall in Aberdare. We used to take part in concerts in all the valley towns and villages. We had many routines including sailor and military routines. Our opening number was always “When your smiling, the whole world smiles with you”.

I used to love watching the tiny tots, they were no older than five, singing and dancing to “Cigarettes and whisky and wild, wild women”. They would deliver it like professionals.

We had great fun and there were some funny incidents. We were dressed in very short pretty dresses with red tap dancing shoes, when one girl forgot to change her black lace ups, we giggled all the way through the routine. On another occasion, when we were dressed in small white pleated skirts, bare midriffs and a small white bra with a royal blue sailor collar, one girls bra became unfastened, poor girl there she was trying to dance and hold her bra in place.

We eventually started to take part in pantomime with Hoover factory’s sport and social club. These pantomimes would take place in the Hoover canteen and Aberdare Coliseum.

When Joyce Pitt decided to give up her classes they were taken over by Mr Les Jenkins who lived in Cwmbach. I can remember taking part in a concert in Cwmbach Workmens Hall just after he took over. Les was a “Champion Tap Dancer”.

(Contributed by Pat Millard)


Production of Cinderella at the Little Theatre, Aberdare in the early 1950’s.
We believe there are Rhigos girls in the cast.
Hoover Pantomime.


Pricilla Barnes one of Joy’s Juveniles.
(Contributed by Joyce Riden)


Joy’s Juveniles dressed for their performance of “Cigarettes and Whisky and Wild Wild Women” in a variety show in Rhigos.
Left to right :- Ceinwen Ovens, Robert Rees, Suzanne Holland, Clive Richards, unknown.
(Contributed by Robert Rees.)


Dutch boys and girls, from another of Joyce Pitts productions at the Hostel, 1947
Left to right :- Clive Richards, Suzanne Holland, Ceinwen Ovens, unknown, unknown, unknown, Robert Rees.
(Contributed by Robert Rees.)


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