The W.R.V.S. was an organisation that was formed to help people at times of trouble.
From these photos it can be seen that Rhigos had an active group of ladies.

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This great new photo is from Robert Rees he thinks the occasion was an area competition
In the photo are from the left
--?--, --?--, --?--, --?--, Mrs Williams, Mrs Morris, Major Morris, Elsie Davies, Nim Smith, --?--, Joyce Pitt, Tess Jones, Doris Rees, Mrs Millard.
If you can help with the other names let us know at (dave@rhigosmemories.org.uk)

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Here is Doris Rees's Certificate sent in to us by her daughter Mary

W.R.V.S.Cup winners

Left to right :- Mrs Elsie Davies, Mrs Nim Smith, Mrs Woodman, Mrs Morris, Mrs Williams, Mrs Doris Rees.



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