Old Maps of the Rhigos Area

from Steve and Dave Hammonds

Here are a few old maps we've collected over the years which show details of Rhigos and the district around it.
The pictures on this page are of reduced quality but you can click on each map to see a larger view which will open in a new window.

 Old OS map around 1830


1908 OS map of the Rhigos area scale of one inch to one statute mile

OS 24-inch map of the Bryn area 1914
This map shows the school in its original form, the independent chapel is Calfaria, the house called Maesygarrey became the Post-Office, and the only significant housing development is represented by the two rows of houses at the top of the Bryn


OS one inch geological map 1922
This map shows the areas of coal and shale known as the coal measures appropriately coloured grey. In this area the black lines represent the surface outcrops of seams of coal known at that time (don't confuse these with the dark blue lines running north to south, and west from Penderyn, which are geological faults not related to coal). In the grey area the coal seams lie near the surface and nearly parallel to it so that it was economical to extract the coal by open-cast mining in later years.


OS one inch map 1947
This was based on surveys done before the war so it doesn't include the Hirwaun industrial estate, nor the Bryn, but it does include the Llyn Fawr reservoir and the Penderyn reservoir (Tre-banog)


OS 2.5-inch map of the Hirwaun industrial estate 1953
This one includes details of Halt Close, Beacon Road, Neath Road, and Mountain View as well as the industrial estate.


OS 2.5-inch map of the Bryn 1954
Although published in 1954 this map was based on surveys done in 1947-49 so it doesn't include the new housing estate at the Bryn.

OS 2.5-inch map of the Hirwaun Trading Estate 1954


OS one-inch map 1956
This one does include the industrial estate and the Bryn. The Hirwaun Ponds have gone.


To view modern large-scale interactive maps of the area of Rhigos, Hirwaun and Aberdare from RCT Borough Counil
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