The New Inn during the 1950-60’s was a typical Welsh village pub.

It was run by Mr Ben Morris and his wife, then later by Mr Glyn Dix and his wife.

As you entered the front door you found doors to the left and the right. The door to the left led into what was known as the “Long” room. In here was the dart board. The door to the right led into the “Bar”. This room at that time was a men only bar, even the landlady could not serve in there. The furniture in there consisted of several tables and chairs. Most evenings and certainly every Sunday the bar was occupied by card players. There was often a game of Cribbage, Solo and Napoleon going on at the same time. During Ben Morris’s time there his son Dai (of Welsh rugby fame) liked a game of cards but was not drinking beer due to his training, so he would be seen drinking pints of milk taken from the cow he kept behind the pub.

NEW INN early 1900’s



NEW INN 1993


NEW INN 2007

NEW INN 2009

The two pictures above were taken on our visit to the New Inn in April 2009. The pub has been improved by the present owners by building a beautiful restaurant at the rear.

We had the pleasure of eating a delicious lunch off their bar menu, and found the owners a very hospitable couple who made us feel very welcome. We are looking forward to a return visit.

The bar area in 2009.

This is the area where the bar and living accommodation were during the 1960,s

The originals of these photos below and more, can be seen in the lounge bar of the New Inn.
They have been reproduced with the kind permission of the landlady of the New Inn
The first photo is of huntsman Ivor Griffiths with the Price brothers hounds in 1954 outside the New Inn
The right photo? we would be greatful for the names, date and occasion of this one please.
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The middle photo is of local boys Tom and Will Lewis  from Taicwpla Farm Rhigos with Jess, again outside the New Inn
We have been reliably informed that the tall young man with the flat cap is, Dai John Evans. Tragically he was drowned in
Caswell bay as he was trying to save another swimmer in trouble, and well deserves a place in the Rhigos hall of fame.
Our thanks to Joyce for the info. 

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