Nant Gwrelych and Nant Llyn Fach

As kids growing up at the Bryn we were free to roam and explore all over the mountains and cwms without fear and we did so.
I was reminded in an e/mail from Clive Harris of one of these cwms around the village, which has now become a site of special scientific interest.(Quote! "Sequence of Westphalian strata (Carboniferous rocks)This internationally important site has the best sequence of the Upper
Carboniferous (Westphalian) rocks in the South Wales Coalfield. About 500 metres of strata are exposed, a more or less complete representation of the Westphalian age"
I think we used to call it paradise.Just down from the Plough was a small track leading to Beili-glas farm and a wooded cwm and river
 I now know was called Cwm Gwrelych, a great place to explore with steep banks, waterfalls and rust red rocks. My brother Steve as a boy, did some sketches in the area and took a few photos many years ago. Also i've been in touch with "an intrepid photographer explorer" by the name of Lesley who has kindley given us permission to use some of her photos of the falls down Cwm Gwrelych on our site, more of Lesleys outstanding photos can be seen on

So here are a few of the photos and sketches we have so far, the first are Steve's and the last four Lesley's
The two drawings were done in 1962

 This first one was the tunnel far upstream on the Nant Gwrelych where it was diverted 
underground to avoid flooding the surface workings on the opencast site

 This first one was definitely on the Nant Llyn Fach.

The second one was on the Nant Gwrelych near Cwm Hwnt. Both the photos of waterfalls were taken in 1969

This sketch is of a falls on a small tributary flowing into the Gwrangon
In this second sketch the little location map top right corner shows the two main buildings of James Farm
  and the little bar with the arrow shows the waterfall.

This is the first of Lesleys photo up Cwm Gwrelych

Another great shot,with a camouflaged pal just to give the falls perspective 

I think I can hear the flow of the falls in this one

Another great falls photo many thanks Lesley
Found this site on the net worth a look great photos

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