The Bryn and it's Home's

We have been looking at the photos that have been contributed and what we have ourselves,
and have put together a bit of a page to show the style of house, and what the interiors looked
like about forty or so year's ago, but first some modern views.

Photo from Google Earth

The Bryn from Tower


These two show the back of Heol Gwrangfryn in fact the Hammonds old house


  1. I think these style's were called Butterfly on the left and Cornish style on the right(so i've been informed)


    These four photos of similar style
    Top left rear of Heol Esgyn top right front of house down one of the Cwrts
    Bottom left photo is the rear of 23 Heol Gwrangfryn the right one is from Marion Smith the front of number 20


The left photo is from Pat Millard, the front of her house on Heol Gwrangfryn a long time ago
The right photo if you look past the elegant Angela, you can see the old range in the Hammonds house the
only means of heating and hot water we had. Some great rice puddings came out of that oven on a Sunday.

Typical domestic scene early seventies, shows the interior of the Hammonds house, Alison doing my niece's hair. Mum doing the
Daily Mirror crossword


These two old slide's are Mary,Mum and me(David)in the living room of the Hammonds home.
Mary looks in shock may have been the first time I had taken her home. 
Many thanks for the photos
Steve,Pat, Marion, Barbara,Diane,Joyce


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