These photos show some of us who are brave enough to submit photos
of ourselves in our youth and as we look now


Tony Morris aged 10 and Tony today with his good wife Cicely


 Patsy Scott 1959, now Patsy Hawlish 2012.


Hilda Sewell at her marriage to Roy Waite May 1962 and at their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations in 2012


John Scott 1954 and John in 2013(more brave than me John has sent close ups) 


Dai Hammonds about 10 and Dave 50 years later


Alwyn Martin in 1948 and 2007


Barbara Hammonds at school and 2007


Steve Hammonds 1956 and 2009


Pat Hammonds 1948 and 2008


Alison and Angela Hammonds in 1966 and 2009


Pat Millard 1958 and Pat and Eira Watts 2008


John, Ken, Don 1950s and John and Don Thomas 2003


Anne Hammonds 1951 and 2005


Joyce Riden 1946 and 2006


Alison and Angela are not in the right places "Twits"

The Hammonds 1957,1999,2013.


Brian Riden 1956 and 2003


Keith Riden age 21 and Keith and Joan 2005


Eric Riden at school and Eric and Irene


Joan Riden about 11 and 2003


Nancy Llewellyn at school and on her 65 Birthday


Rita Rees at Butlins and now Rita Phillips today


Sylvia Shore at school and Sylvia today


Peter Wilson school photo 1950 and Peter in 2009.


              Mary Rees in 1953 Mary Rees in 2010.

David Bedford in the late 1950's David in 2011


Rhigos Memories

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